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Beware the Flowers of the Forest – Fairy Tales Story On: adventures in storytelling for kids

Laura talks about what makes a fairy tale…a fairy tale. Then, she shares her story "Beware the Flowers of the Forest." Farmer Wyatt and his horse Ivy are traveling an unfamiliar road when they find themselves drawn into a nearby forest with the most incredible flowers. When Wyatt bends down to smell the beautiful blossoms, he is instantly spellbound and doomed to spend the rest of his days stuck in the horrible paradise. Being immune to the spell, Ivy sets off to find the evil sorceress Belina in order to convince her to break the spell. Little does she know Belina isn't much for conversation. Will Ivy find a way to free Wyatt or will they remain in the enchanted forest for all of eternity!? Connect with us on twitter (@storyonpodcast) and on Instagram (Story On Podcast) for monthly Wonky Wednesday story ideas and more!Become a patron by signing up for as little as $2 a month. https://www.patreon.com/storyonpodcastMake sure to subscribe to Story On so you never miss an episode!Visit storyonpodcast.com for more information.
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